An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.
— Reid Hoffman

The Urban Health Accelerator™ is a 6-8 week intensive designed to challenge you to apply innovation to help solve our country's biggest urban problems.


How it Works - 3 Steps

Step One - Look Around
Is there a problem in your community that has an attainable, sustainable solution for it? 

Step Two - See the Problem
Once you've determined the problem you feel most passionate about solving, it's time to roll up your sleeves.

Step Three - Activate Your Genius
Our team will roll up our sleeves with you and you'll have 6-8 weeks to build a plan, activate your team and implement your community project, MacGyver style (in other words, with what you have right now. Yes, it's possible.).  

The top performing teams will be invited to present their projects to a panel of judges from the marketing, media and investment communities on October 16, 2018, as a part of the American Heart Association's Empowered To Serve Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The Big Award

Besides being a community hero, your project could receive up to $30,000 in grants as well as valuable in-kind training and expertise. You'll also receive key industry introductions with American Heart Association's vast nationwide affiliates and its network of corporations and community leaders to continue your projects.

Who Should Apply

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Non-profits
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Any Enterprise

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Inclusion in a vibrant, community of other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Accomplishment as you implement and see the results of your project in real-time
  • Acceptance and access to the Urban Health Accelerator’s vast network of  business leaders in the areas of marketing, PR and finance.

What We’ll Expect From You

  • Your time: The training period will be intense and time consuming. 
  • Your dedication: We will need your full commitment to hit each deliverable on a tight timeline.
  • Your determination: You have to believe in and achieve the impossible under tight conditions.

How We’re Different

  • We’re eternal optimists.
  • We believe that the impossible really is possible.
  • We’ll be tough on you but only because we believe in you.

You are brilliant. The world needs you. Apply.

Examples of Urban problems to solve:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Air Pollution
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Chronic Disease
  • Clean Water
  • Climate Change
  • Healthcare
  • Health Insurance
  • Hunger
  • Internet Access
  • Lack of Food
  • Obesity
  • Public Health
  • Public Transportation
  • Safe Streets
  • Smoking

Confidentiality & Intellectual Property

Confidentiality is not guaranteed in any way. If a team wishes to keep elements of their concept or idea confidential, the team should not include that information in their pitch. There is no way for The American Heart Association or its organizers to enforce a prohibition of other competitors, audience members or judges who see or hear a pitch from sharing the concept, idea, and/or materials with others.

By participating in the Urban Health Accelerator™, competitors agree that The American Heart Association, EmPOWERED to Serve™ and all related parties assume no liability, and shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever for disclosures of information provided by a competitor as part of a submission or otherwise during the course of the competition.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) between a competitor and the judges and/or audience members will not be required or allowed.

Do You Have Questions about the Accelerator?

We're happy to answer any and all of your questions:

General Questions:

Michelle Raphael
Christa Chambers-Price

PR/Media Questions:

Marissa Alanis
Toiya Honore